Edgar Johnston

                            - Casting Director

                                  (Tin Cup, Secondhand Lions,

                                  The Trip To Bountiful, The Apostle)

Laura Coyle’s astonishing one woman show  A PIECE OF WORK  takes us on a raucously funny and deeply moving journey through the agonies and ecstasies of one woman’s life, centered around her challenging relationship with her Mother (an extravagantly talented wackadoodle)  and her own struggle for self acceptance as both an artist and a gay woman.  A world class storyteller, Ms. Coyle delivers a mosaic of spoken word and original songs, which she performs like a post millennium Joni Mitchell.  Her songs are glorious, from the opening Joni-esque song, ‘A Place Like That’, in which a young woman longs for ‘a place where people don’t’ sing the blues’  to  ‘Oh Mother’, a heartfelt ode to the Mother she longs for, to the final paean of female empowerment, ‘A Woman She Goes’. This gal is a triple threat, a writer who digs deep into the human psyche, a singer of powerful grace and beauty, and a charismatic performer who paces the stage like an unbridled racehorse,  sharing with us the highs and lows of a life lived to the fullest.  At it’s core, the show is about a woman’s search for identity and struggle to step into her light. The show is tightly written, moves like a dream, makes you laugh out loud, and when you least expect it, opens your heart and makes you cry.  We all share  collective longings, dreams, frustrations, challenges. It is Ms. Coyle’s great gift to be able to trigger in us a remembrance of those shared feelings as we watch her show, making for a surprisingly intimate theater going experience. This PIECE OF WORK is not to be missed.

Charlie Whitworth

                                   -Hollywood Fringe 2018 Review

After a 90 minute deep dive into this woman’s life, I was left wanting more. More story, more music, more Laura. You will too! If you have an opportunity to see this show do yourself a favor and go.

Emily Fisher

                                   -Hollywood Fringe 2018 Review

Her piece is composed of relateable yet poetic prose; it has metaphor that is grounded and touching; her humility is infectious and allows her to embrace the audience, yet have the audience embrace her as well. This all is such a delicate tightrope for artists performing one person shows - yet Laura does it with refined ease. What a beautiful piece of work, pun intended! Laura Coyle throws her life on the stage often to compelling, heartfelt, and enjoyable effect. Coiled with her original songs, transcending each theme and message, the audience explores the relationships of this artist’s life, and learns important lessons that make us all inherently human.

Jeff Copeland

                                   -Hollywood Fringe 2018 Review

Loved It! Profoundly moving and hilarious, Laura Coyle’s one woman show,“A PIECE OF WORK,” is a fun, entertaining autobiographical journey that celebrates all the quirks, eccentricities, and challenges that can make life so difficult — yet so fascinating. Beautifully written and performed, this tour-de-force is a must see.

Hannah Sloan

                                   -Hollywood Fringe 2018 Review

Such an amazing show! Laura’s life story is so fascinating and full of color and the addition of her music really made the show come together. I found myself captivated the entire time and was honestly shocked when the show ended because it didn’t feel like 90 mins had gone by.

Kendall Gilbert

                                   -Hollywood Fringe 2018 Review

One-woman shows require such a range of talent, intrigue, and stamina and Laura certainly delivered. She thoughtfully and yet seemingly effortlessly spun a deeply personal narrative between songs. The music was honest and haunting. Laura took us on a journey of relatable self-doubt, self-discovery, and self-love, with a humor and gut wrenching clarity. Understanding her song-writing journey had me hanging on her every lyric. She plays beautifully and has a gorgeous voice, but what was most beautiful about this performance was her complete vulnerability on stage. I walked away feeling like Laura let me know her – and somehow myself, a bit better.